about Max

Max is a very seasoned musician, an inspirational drummer with grooves and ideas to spare, and an outstanding teacher/clinician who exemplifies perfect grip, body posture, and beautiful strokes which are to be studied.


Max has got some of the greatest techniques I ever saw.

Jim CHAPIN, Drum Legend

Max Klots is a perfect example of a musician who has studied the concepts and techniques of the drummers that have come before him. He has put in hours of practice, gained insight through his playing and teaching and in the process has synthesized a modern style that is grooving, fluid and exciting! 

Max is pushing students to be creative with the rudiments and not just simply has them play through a list of patterns; also love his hints towards "open" interpretation. Max really knows his craft!

Claus HESSLER, educator/author/clinician

I know Max as a musician of perfect taste, great sound and feel, and impressive technique. He’s also a great teacher who really knows what matters in music and can show how to develop all the skills necessary to achieve it.

Max’s instructional materials are wonderful and his drumming skills, especially his Rudimental drumming skills, are superb! His hand positions and style are such, that it looks like he has played in American Drum Corps for most of his life!

Mark BEECHER, N.A.R.D. President

Max’s playing is superb: effortless, musical, smooth with a very balanced motion—and possessing a deep groove.

Peter MAGADINI, Author/Educator

Max is the next generation of drummers who understands all the aspects of modern drum set. His hands and feet have excellent fluid movement, he plays with musical maturity and has complete control of the instrument… Very inspiring!

Dom FAMULARO, Drumming’s Global Ambassador

Max is a true professional, his attention to many important areas of drumming is covered with a good sense of depth and clarity.

Bruce BECKER, LA Master Teacher

Max was one of the pioneers in Russia that promoted rudiments as a training and learning tool.

Rick BECKHAM, 4 time DCA snare drum champion

about Max's books

“Thе 26” book is a fundamental tool in understanding the universal language of drumming—I refer to it all the time with my students! This book will be around forever… the value only increases with time!

Congratulations on 20 years of influence with this book!


Dom FAMULARO, Drumming’s Global Ambassador

“Thе 26” book presents classic rudimental pieces in a clear and precise way. It is a great addition to the librabry of anyone who is serious about rudiments and the art of drumming!

Claus HESSLER, educator, author, clinician

Max has written two books… Excellent books!

Jim CHAPIN, Drum Legend

A clear, complete, authoritative and well transcribed look at the backbone of drumming.

Bill BRUFORD (Yes, King Crimson, Earthworks)

I use Max’s snare drum book while working on technique with my students, and I find it very helpful. It is clear, informative and user-friendly—I can really recommend this book.

about Max's DVDs

A lot to learn about modern drumming concepts and ways to study.

I definitely recommend Max’s DVDs to anyone serious about drumming.

Max Klots & Paradigma is a terrific DVD, both for the drums and the “jazz fusion” playing! The band plays so effortlessly and with so much command of their instruments, the grooves are deep and happening, and the songwriting is excellent… This DVD hits the all marks for musicianship!

Peter MAGADINI, Author/Educator

I have seen Max in action on stage live and was very impressed with his first class musicianship. His drumming was inspiring and he shared his ideas with deep passion! Now we have Max on DVD to watch over and over again to continue to learn and be inspired! Listen and watch as Max takes you on a journey of technique, musicianship and pure fun! Max is excellent!

Dom FAMULARO, Drumming’s Global Ambassador



Thu, March 5 | 8pm | White Night | Мах with Katya Kilizhekova Band


Thu, Feb 6 | 7pm | Jazz Philharmonic Hall | Max with Paradigma


Fri, Jan 17 | 7.30pm | JFC Jazz Club | Мах with Katya Kilizhekova Band