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Updated 2nd Edition (2017)  now available!

The New Drummer’s Guide” is a book and DVD package targeted for the beginning drummer. Its primary focus is to give the aspiring student all the necessary information to start on their journey of drumming. All the patterns and techniques described in the book are demonstrated in detail in the DVD. The topics discussed include: developing correct hand and foot techniques; review, examine and explain in a clear and in depth manner how to play today’s most popular basic drum patterns; provide information on drum tuning, drum positioning and basic kit set up; how to choose cymbals, heads, sticks, etc; introduction to reading music and drum notation.

Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Max’s SIXTH Clinic at Sinkopa—2011Buy now

На этом видео Макс развивает тему метрической модуляции, рассказывает о фанке 16-х нот и фанк-шаффлах, подробно останавливаясь на технике ап-дауна; раскрывает особенности исполнения сонго, мозамбике и др. стилей кубинской музыки и даёт примеры их применения в реальной жизни. Обсуждаются вопросы времени, различные версии техники хай-хэта и ковбэлла, игра Latin/Funk в сложных размерах и мн. др. Все объяснения сопровождаются короткими демо с кликом или записью и исполнением полноформатных композиций с фонограммой «минус один».

Для широкого круга интересующихся ударными

Max’s FIFTH Clinic at Sinkopa—2010Buy now

In this video, Max shares his approach on sticking, how to improve time (playing to the displaced click) and creating an organic-sounding groove. He also explains and demonstrates the basics of metric modulation, different styles of various world music grooves, exercises to develop triplet vocabulary and how to make rudiments “swing”.  All the explanations are followed by Max demonstrating them solo, with a funk trio and with the five-piece fusion band.

For all those interested in drumming

4-Pack Special Edition DVD 2005—2008Buy now

The DVDs of Max’s clinics held yearly 2005–2011 at St. Pete. Sinkopa Drum Shop are a new style of educational product: a mixture of live master class and instructional video. More structured, logical and multi-topic than a typical master class, and at the same time more emotional, improvisational, and interactive than an instructional video, the new hybrid genre proved very popular. This “4-Pack” Special Edition includes the first four DVD's (2005–2008) and can serve as an encyclopedia of all things drumming.

For all skill levels

Max Klots & Paradigma—2008Buy now

This DVD will give plenty of information about contemporary jazz/fusion music. Topics covered: making things groove; practicing with the click; developing better ensemble playing; improving your taste, musicality, sense of style and form; building a strong rhythm section in contemporary jazz, fusion, funk, and jazz-rock. The most intricate parts are explained and demonstrated very slowly. Along with the instructional episodes, you will see a fusion band Paradigma playing live, with all the virtuosity and expressiveness typically associated with fusion music. In the end of the clinic, “for drummers only”, Max shares the techniques, phrases and ideas he employs in the band’s tunes.

For all fans of Contemporary Jazz

Max’s THIRD Clinic at Sinkopa—2007Buy now

Max’s third clinic at Sinkopa picks up right where the previous clinic left off. The rudimental section introduces the short rolls, drag and combination rudiments. In the bass drum portion, various examples from Max’s bass drum instructional book, “The Bass Drum: The Powerful Technique”, are shown, with explanation how to practice from this book. Max then continues with the reggae demo, shares his “straight” funk and rock concepts, and proceeds to “electric jazz” section where he breaks down several fusion grooves, comes up with solo ideas, demonstrates the orchestrating of the band “hits”, and sheds some light on finding the right tool for the job. All the explanations are followed by demos and play-along performances. Max also answers questions from the audience.

For drummers of all skill levels

Max’s SECOND Clinic at Sinkopa – 2006Buy now

Max’s second clinic at the Sinkopa Drum Shop was inspired by the first (2005) re-issue of the two popular Max’s drum books. The DVD consists of 3 parts. The first part deals with the hand technique: one will find the detailed explanation of stick grips, Moeller method, breakdowns of 10+ different rudiments, “standard” and improvised rudimental solos, as well as some facts from the history of rudimental drumming. The second part is a wealthy source of information on shuffles: cut time shuffle, half time shuffle and New Orleans “in the crack” feel are analyzed and explained. The third part is dedicated to the ideas and patterns of fusion drumming, with playing in style of contemporary fusion “greats”, both solo and along the “minus one” track.

For drummers of all skill levels

Discontinued | Max’s FIRST Clinic at Sinkopa – 2005Buy now

This clinic covers a wide variety of different aspects of drumming, such as cymbal techniques, rudimental technique, traditional grip, foot technique, linear and overlapped grooves, building up a musical drum solo, rhythm shifts and polymeters, Afro-Cuban rhythms, and much more. Max also answers questions from the audience. Along with the detailed and easy-to-get explanations, Max would demonstrate how his concepts work, both in the grooves and improvised solos. Recommended for drummers of all levels.

Discontinued | Paradigma Feat. M. Kostyushkin Clinic 2006

A crossover between a live in studio and a master class: Paradigma (featuring Mikhail Kostyushkin, sax) performs all original music and demonstrates how to improvise in a variety of styles. The band members also answer the questions from the audience. Shot live October 27, 2006.

For all fans of Contemporary Jazz

New! | “The 26”—20ᵗʰ Anniversary EditionBuy now

This bilingual (Russian/English) book includes the precise and full transcription of the 26 standard American drum rudiments and the 7 “ancient” rudimental snare drum solos. The book gained recognition of such world-renowned educators as Jim Chapin, Dom Famularo, Claus Hessler, and more, and is officially recommended by the National Association of Rudimental Drummers for all students of rudimental technique.

The book is consistently popular among drum students and teachers alike, and was reprinted three times. The revised and updated Fourth Edition celebrates the 20ᵗʰ anniversary of the first print and offers an improved design, an updated hybrid rudiments section and a more logical presentation of the additional rudiments.

Recommended for the drummers of all levels.

The 26Buy now

Max’s classic book recommended by the likes of Jim Chapin, Bill Bruford, Dom Famularo, René Creemers, Peter Magadini, and more! The 26 N.A.R.D. rudiments in detail; the precise and full transcription of the 7 traditional snare drum solos; note-by-note transcription of Steve Gadd’s rudimental/funk solo. Advanced contemporary rudiments; bass drum charts for the traditional solos; original solos by the author. “The 26” book is officially recommended by the National Association of Rudimental Drummers (N.A.R.D.) “for all students of rudimental technique”. Bilingual (Russian/English) Third printing – 2009

The Bass Drum: The Powerful TechniqueBuy now

The full explanation of bass drum and hi-hat techniques, complete with exercises to improve your foot technique, your sound and time. Tuning of the bass drum; how the drumhead choice, pedals and the bass drum’s dimensions affect its sound, and much more. Third printing — 2009

The New Drummer’s GuideBuy now

The New Drummer’s Guide” book + DVD package is targeted for beginner. The book contains the all-necessary information to start developing correct hand and foot techniques and to learn the basic stroke types used in drumming. The most popular basic drum patterns are examined and explained clearly and in depth. “The New Drummer’s Guide” provides with information on drum tuning, drum positioning and explains how to choose cymbals, heads, sticks, etc. The book introduces new drummer to reading music and shows how drum patterns are notated. All the patterns and techniques described in the book are demonstrated in detail in the DVD.

BRIGHT “The Key Word” ℗2002

An album of original fusion music composed by one of the best Russian saxophone players, Igor Timofeyev, and his band, BRIGHT. A tune “Wabara” from this album is explained in detail at Max’s THIRD Clinic (2/25/2007).

Discontinued | “Max’s Rudimental Stick”

THE stick for rudimental practice. A 2B style, but with shorter dimensions, thicker neck, and different tip. Each pair weight-sorted and checked for the best balance and feel. Available in wood or nylon tip. Made in USA by Vic Firth, Inc.