Max’s successful teaching career is spinning over 20 years: since 1994, he gained wide recognition as an independent drum menthor; since 2002, he also teaches at the Jazz Dep't of St. Pete. Mussorgsky Musical College. In 2007–2015, Max taught at the St. Pete. Institute of Culture.

Along with teaching in St. Petersburg, Russia, Max is an internationally acknowledged clinician known for his tremendous ability to explain all things drumming in his crystal clear fashion, and to convincingly demonstrate how they work in real music. He is intensively involved with world-wide drum education having toured the U.S., Northern Europe, Baltics и CIS. Мах is an Honorary Lifetime Member of the National Association of Rudimental Drummers (N.A.R.D.) and the only teacher from Russia to be included in the Dom Famularo's Approved Teachers List published by Modern Drummer magazine.

One of the great, late Jim Chapin’s disciples*, Max has made great contribution to popularizing “natural approach to technique” – and Moeller technique, in particular – via his clinics, books, and DVDs. Max’s musical playing and effective teaching methods are praised by the likes of Jim Chapin, Bill Bruford, Steve Smith, Dom Famularo, René Creemers, Peter Magadini, and more. Max’s rudimental books and methods are officially recommended by the N.A.R.D. for all students of rudimental technique.

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*Max has studied with Leningrad’s famous V. Kirichenko (1991–1992), took his place following his retirement; with Jim Chapin in 2003, 2005: Jim was very supportive of Max’s first clinics abroad; with Dave Weckl in 2013.



Fri, Jan 17 | 7.30pm | JFC Jazz Club | Мах with Katya Kilizhekova Band


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Thu, Feb 6 | 7pm | Jazz Philharmonic Hall | Max with Paradigma


Fri, Jan 24 | 9.30pm | Dom 7 | Мах with Paradigma


Fri, Jan 17 | 7.30pm | JFC Jazz Club | Мах with Katya Kilizhekova Band